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Remembering Bow-bow

Ed Grochowski

Written 4-4-2017
Bow-bow (1975-1992)

I found a photo of a childhood friend. He had long hair, a top-knot, and would seem to belong in the Long Hair Community. Of course, he was a shih-tzu.

Bow-bow, or Bowzer as we used to call him, was the most-loved member of my family. He often got his way just by looking cute.

For a canine, Bow-bow had an impressive hair accessory collection. He had a number of barrettes, which as a puppy he learned not to chew or else his hair would cover his eyes. He also had brushes and combs. His royal ancestors undoubtedly had servants to tend to them, a fact not lost on Bow-bow.

I miss him.