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Persimmon Army

Ed Grochowski

Written 10-19-2019
Persimmon Army
The Persimmon Army


Get ready for the biggest persimmon harvest that my tree has ever had.

The Persimmon Army has arrived!

This is 220 persimmons. They will be ripe enough to eat in about two weeks. Then, I will be eating persimmons every few hours through early January.


This variety of persimmon is called Fuyu.

Fuyu persimmons can be eaten raw in any state of ripeness from crisp (like an apple) to soft enough to pour. The best time to eat a Fuyu persimmon is when it just starts turning soft. They have a mild, sweet flavor.

When shopping, you likely don't want to buy the other common variety of persimmons (Hachiya) that are usually cooked.


Persimmons naturally come in biodegradable packaging. The skin is thick enough that I prefer to peel it.

  • Pull off the top
  • Slice into halves and remove the core
  • Slice into 8 or 12 wedges
  • Slice the peel from each wedge
  • Enjoy!